Download Among Us iOS – Science Fiction Murder Mystery Game

Looking for a great game to play with family and friends? Download Among Us iOS and enjoy playing a virtual game of cat and mouse! Can you outsmart them?

Once in a while, we come across a game that doesn’t look remarkable at first but once you play it, you’ll be addicted. That’s the case with Minecraft and countless underrated games. But in 2020, Among Us iOS became popular as some popular streamers started playing them in the perfect time which is during quarantine. This game is published by InnerSloth and has millions of downloads in the App Store now.


In just a short span, the game has received various awards including the Editor’s Choice as it has an average of 4.5 in ratings. Who wouldn’t love Among Us iOS? It’s got the perfect mechanics for a fun time together with everyone you know regardless of location. In fact, it’s the perfect game for the pandemic! If you’re excited to play this one, learn more about it first here.

Murder Mystery Game

There are thousands of available games in the App Store today. They are categorized according to genre and sorted by the top rated to the least rated. But if you played Among Us in 2018, you’re one of the few people who enjoyed it before it became famous. After more than a year of existence, it resurfaced as a group of streamers made it popular due to its perfect timing.

The game of mystery has been done a thousand times even in the mobile gaming world. But what separates Among Us iOS from its predecessors is that it is more entertaining and has cute characters that attract a wide range of players. These and the simple gameplay are what makes this game so popular even after years of its release. Aside from that, it’s constantly updated to bring new skins, pets, maps and more awesomeness! This ensures that the game stays at the top for long seeing as it’s currently #2 in the Action category of App Store.


But more than that, the sheer simplicity of the game is one of the driving forces for its popularity. Here, there are always just 2 roles that players will play in – the imposter and a crewmate. Being a crewmember may sound like an easy task but it’s not. It requires you to be vigilant always as you never know who might be the imposter – it could be someone beside you! This is on top of doing admin tasks around the ship. Then, there’s the difficult task of also being an imposter where your main goal is the elimination of everyone. The two roles will clash together physically and mentally.

Among Us iOS Highlights

Among Us iOS is a game that can be played anytime and anywhere with friends, family and other people online. Because it’s a fun game, you can expect these following highlights.

Play Online or Lan – Nothing beats a multiplayer game nowadays. We love these games as we have the opportunity to play with our friends or family whenever we want. But aside from that, we can test our strength and skills against other powerful players worldwide easily. This is why most mobile games today have the multiplayer option even if it has a campaign mode. In fact, the majority of games now don’t even highlight anything except its multiplayer feature. Among Us iOS allows you to play with millions of players in the world! Plus, you can also play among your friends in a LAN connection. This makes things even more exciting as you’ll be playing with people close to you. Thus, you can expect a lot of psychology tactics to be implemented. But if you don’t want to play against anyone, you can also just practice playing using AI. This offline feature allows you to still enjoy the game even when you don’t have access to the internet.


4-10 Players Each Match – The game also allows you to play with 4-10 players on each map. This is the perfect number of players for this kind of game. Unlike in battle royale where games could last for an hour at most, the matches are short here. But it could be dragged on as long as the imposter isn’t caught yet!

2 Roles to Fill – As we mentioned earlier, there are only two roles that you can play in as in the game. At the start of each match, the game will randomly select 1 or more imposter and the remaining ones as crewmates. The role of the crewmates is to do different admin tasks which could be considered as mini games. All the while looking out for who the potential imposter can be! Then, the imposter will be the one to kill off the crew. But he has to be careful otherwise he will get voted off!

Various Maps – There are currently 4 maps that you can play in Among Us iOS. There’s the Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus and the Airship. Each of them is designed intelligently and in different styles. This is to ensure that players would enjoy the different landscapes to avoid getting bored.


Pets, Colors, and Hats – To make things more personalized, there are also a bunch of customizations that players can do. Before the match, there’s a waiting room in which you can customize your avatar. You can change its color, hat and even have pets! There are a variety of selections to choose from so you can all differentiate one another.

Fun Graphics – Among Us iOS is designed to look as fun as possible because it has murder elements in it. This makes it safe for even kids to play. There are always more skins, pets and maps that will be added to the game!

Download Among Us iOS – Mod Menu

Download the mod menu version now here to have more fun in game!


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