How to Get Among Us on Mac Easily

Among Us is a popular game available on Android, PC, iOS but not on Mac. If you’re wondering how to download and plat it in Mac, here’s a guide for you!

Among Us is a game that has captivated the people since it was released in 2018. Though it wasn’t as big when it first came into the world, it recently became a worldwide phenomenon in the past year. Through this game, millions of people can connect and enjoy an interactive multiplayer game. This game has made it possible to collaborate and to enjoy playing mobile games for hours with your friends and family. This game from Innersloth is a unique one that will still be popular for years to come.

This game lets players play as one of 2 roles – crewmates and impostors. The idea is simple, each role has their respective goals that needs to be achieve. For the good guys (crew mates), they’ll just need to do all the tasks and catch the impostor. But for the impostors, they need to eliminate everyone. If you’ve been wondering how to play this game on your Mac, read on!

A Worldwide Sensation

Multiplayer games are currently the trend as thousands of games come with multiplayer functions. Most of the games today even just focus on the multiplayer aspect as this is what most players want. Among Us does have multiplayer, LAN and offline gameplay which makes it slightly more unique. Aside from that, it’s gameplay is a fresh one that many games today have already copied.

In this game, you’ll have the ability to play with your friends, family members and other people around the world. You can talk through chat or via phone if you want to make things truly interesting. Furthermore, you have the ability to vote on who do you think is the impostor at every meeting. If the players don’t get it right, the game continues. Here are its other highlights:

  • Play with WiFi or locally with 4-10 players
  • Customize character with different skin colors, pets, hats
  • 4 Amazing maps
  • 2 roles
  • Vote off players
  • Chat with players
  • Free Play Mode
  • A variety of servers

 How to Get Among Us on Mac in 2 Ways

As much as Among Us is a popular and great game, you can’t get it on Mac easily. It’s available for Android, iOS and PC but you can still play it on a Mac! Here are 2 ways to do so:

Via an Emulator (Bluestacks)

    1. Although you can use other emulators, Bluestacks is one of the most popular ones to use. First, download the application on your MAC here:
    2. Then, install it on your MAC
    3. Create a Google Play account or sign up to yours once you open Bluestacks
    4. Search for Among Us and download it
    5. Wait for it to install
    6. Just click the icon on the home page so you can play it!
    7. Customize your experience by changing the movement controls and more.

Via the Boot Camp Method

    1. Download the official ISO file of Windows 10:
    2. Get a DVD driver to connect to your MAC or a USB flash drive with at least 5GB available space.
    3. Open “Boot Camp Assistant” on the search button. Check the boxes and find the ISO file you downloaded
    4. Just follow the process of installing it
    5. Download Steam on your Mac
    6. Download and play Among Us!


Among Us is certainly a popular game that a lot of people enjoy nowadays. But now that you can play it on your Mac, you can join in on the fun easily!

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