Download Among Us Online APK – Play Among Us on PC

Do you love playing Among Us? Why not play it for PC today? In Among Us Online, you can play with random people online or with your friends now.

If you love playing online games, there’s no reason that you haven’t heard Among Us yet. It’s a game that allows you t play with your family/friends or with random people on the internet. Through this game, you can make idle times more fun and you can easily enjoy your time with others. The game is pretty simple, there’s just two sides to it which is the crewmates and the impostor. But if you want to play the game today online, you can do so using your PC, Android, iOS and other devices.


It’s a free game that’s published by Innersloth and it has been around since 2018. This game is a fun one that you can enjoy right now. Here, the roles are randomly given to each player at the start of the game. You can be a crewmate whose job is to complete all the tasks while watching out for the impostor. Then, the impostor is the one who will need to eliminate all of the crewmates here. Can you become invincible?

An Enjoyable Online Game

In the gaming world today, you can play plenty of games right now. The majority of mobile games today are online simply because people love playing with others. Playing online games is a good bonding time for families and friends and even when you play against random people. A lot of players today enjoy forming friendships with the strangers they play with online. This is why online gaming has become a trend over the past years.


One mobile game that has stood out in particular was Among Us. We’re sure that you’ve heard of this game since it became trending just last year. It’s a simple party game that involves 5-10 players per match. Here, you will play against random players or with your friends and family. Here, you can enjoy a game where you can become an impostor or a crewmate. As the impostor, your ultimate task is to eliminate everyone in here.

But if you’re the crewmate, you’ll be given a set of random tasks that you need to complete. If the crewmates manage to complete all the tasks given before they’re all eliminated by the impostor, they win. Otherwise, the impostor win! Here, the two sides will clash together as all the players will be able to chat or talk every meeting. Then, the players will vote on who the player they think is the impostor. It’s such a fun game that allows you to get back and forth and play with plenty of people today.

Features of Among Us Online

If you’re curious about Among Us, it’s not a complicated game by any means. Once you understand the rules, you can easily play and enjoy it today.

A Fun Online Game – There are many enjoyable games that you can play right now. So, if you’re someone who loves to play online games, you can choose quite a lot. But Among Us is a game that lets you enjoy a fun push and pull game where you will have one of two roles each time. Here, you can become a crewmate along with others where your objective is to complete tasks and to stay alive. Here, you can vote people out based on your observations.

Then, there’s the impostor who will need to kill the crew members without being noticed. It’s much harder to be an impostor but it’s also enjoyable as you can enjoy quite a lot of powers such as the ability to go through vents. Here, you can also sabotage the operations so you can easily distract and kill the crewmates. This is a fun game where you can also play in different maps such as MIRA HQ, Polus, The Airship, and The Skeld.


Plenty of Tasks – In this game, regardless of your role, you can have a variety of tasks. The only difference is that the crewmates get the real tasks while the impostors can do fake tasks. Here, if the crewmates manage to complete all the tasks before they’re eliminated by the impostor, they win. There are many types of tasks available here today wherein they’re categorized by different types. Here, there’s Chart Course, Align Engine Output, Buy Beverage, Clean 02 Filter, Clear Asteroids, Decontaminate and more.

Two Main Roles – As mentioned earlier, the two roles here are the impostor and crewmate. The majority of players here will be crewmates and there can be 1-3 impostors per match. Here, you’ll be able to bear one of these roles randomly as the game generates them. Have fun trying to fulfill your role today as best as you can.


A Variety of Colors – In this game, you can choose which color you want to be before the start of each match. There are many colors available like pink, orange, red, blue, cyan, lime, green, purple, white and brown. These colors don’t affect the gameplay but once a color has ben chosen by a player, it can no longer be picked by another.

Cosmetics – The game also has cosmetics where you can customize your character. Here, you can add hats, pets, and skins to your character. Some of these are free and some are paid. There are so many styles available today such as a policeman, an astronaut and many more.

Fun Maps – There are also so many maps available in the game. As of now, there are 4 maps available which are the Airship, The Skeld, Polus and MIRA HQ.

How to Play Among Us Online

Among Us is available for a lot of platforms today. But if you want to play it for PC, there are a variety of ways to do so. This is why we’ve put them all below:


Using an Emulator

If you want to play Among Us on your PC, one of the easiest ways to do it is to use an emulator. The most popular choice is Bluestacks and you can easily play it today! You can also use other emulators available.

By Buying it on Steam

You can also just by Among Us on Steam for an affordable price. Here, you can get the full game plus some extra features today.

Through a website

If you don’t want to pay for anything or to download anything, you can easily play it in your browser today. Just head on to and start playing with others!


As you can see, Among Us is a very attractive game that you can play today. It’s also available to play on PC on a variety of ways.