Terms of Use

Thank you for using choosing AmongUsComBo and its provided services. AmongUsComBo offers various online and mobile services for its users, such as applications and games. The following “Terms of Use” are to be applied to all of the services provided to users by AmongUsComBo.com. By accessing the various services provided by AmongUsComBo, users agree to the following terms:

Note: AmongUsComBo services applies to all services brought to you by the following AmongUsComBo.com website.

AmongUsComBo provides a variety of online and mobile services for users to access and enjoy from anywhere. All apps and games may be freely downloaded and installed from the AmongUsComBo website. By reading these Terms of Use, AmongUsComBo grants its users the rights to appropriately use any services provided on the AmongUsComBo website. However, AmongUsComBo does not allow users the right to use any personal properties of AmongUsComBo.com, such as trademarks, logos, branding, etc…

AmongUsComBo will regularly update the conditions of its services available. This may include adding or removing certain functions or features within the AmongUsComBo website.

Should any issues arise in the features and services, users may contact the AmongUsComBo Support Team via email.

Depending on your mobile carrier, using 4G/LTE networks while browsing AmongUsComBo may cause additional fees. We are in no way responsible for these actions. If you require any more information regarding this, place contact your mobile carrier.

Copyright of Content

AmongUsComBo acknowledges all rights to intellectual properties. Any form of content provided by users is their own and should be treated as such.

In the case that user content is posted regarding Services, it will be subject to exposure by AmongUsComBo. AmongUsComBo will therefore have the right to display, modify, and distribute this content to its members and partners.

Users may take the necessary action to delete their content, as AmongUsComBo will still comply with the copyrights laws in these cases.

AmongUsComBo has the right to delete, remove or block content if it is deemed to have violated relevant laws. Although, AmongUsComBo is not allowed to edit or manipulate said content. As such, we If any users believe their content rights have been infringed upon, they may contact the AmongUsComBo Support Team for further services and assistance.

Terms of Use Are Subject to Change

To ensure AmongUsComBo Services are in line with the law and remain consistent and relevant, AmongUsComBo may update or change the current Terms of Use.

Any failure to agree with these changes should result in the inability to access AmongUsComBo Services.